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24Online Client has been specifically designed to access Internet from Client machines. First of all, you need to set the Gateway. Then you should specify the IP Address of 24online Server in Server address.
After that you can log on to access Internet.

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    kaif Last month

    I want it.

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    Guest 5 years ago

    i want it

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    Sudhir Banerjee 8 years ago

    There is NO login client for the new(now only available MS OS) OS Vista.
    The present way of login in is rather cumbersum and need another browser to be safe for surfing.Like in Win XP and older version there SHOULD be client/desktop ICON for Vista as this is the ONLY version of Windows OS that is now being sold in the market+the other versions(including Windows XP) will be stopped soon if not by this year but definitely by next year;so an ICON/Client for Vista is a MUST.

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